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Linkedin Ads Reporting Tool

$10.00 / Months

Metrics: Spend, projected spend, cost per lead, paid leads or conversion, spend per day, historical chart of conversions by channel



LinkedIn Ads is a powerful advertising platform and tracking ads on this platform is very simple with our Linkedin ads reporting tool. Linkedin comes with the ability to target audience based on their professional and career paths. Education, professional associations, current company, job titles, and seniority are all unique targeting parameters which you can use to reach very specific industry and niche audiences. 

To grow your professional business account on LinkedIn, you have the opportunity to use LinkedIn Ads to promote your presence on the platform. By creating a very specific targeting, you can reach out to the desired individuals and businesses and expand your network.

LinkedIn Ads provides many benefits to companies, not just for added reach and recognition, but the opportunity to increase sales, hire talented people, and be a part of an industry’s social media presence.

Leveraging LinkedIn Ads account performance data is possible with MarketingReports. You can track the LinkedIn Ads metrics that provide valuable information. Here are few examples of what you can track with this dashboard:

  • Spend
  • Project spend
  • Cost per lead
  • Paid leads or conversion
  • Spend per day


Tracks the amount you spent on advertising on the platform.

Project spend

This metrics gives you overview of the total spend by particular projects.

Cost per lead

Amount spent per lead collected from the LinkedIn ad campaign. This metric represents the average amount you spent on each lead.

Paid leads or conversion rate

This report visualises the percentage of people that made a conversion from the total number of clicks. 

Spend per day

How much hor paid ad campaign on LinkedIn is spending daily, tracked over the time.