LinkedIn Page Reporting Tool

$10.00 / Months

Metrics: Page Overview, Followers, New Follower Rate, Company Home Page Views, Comments, Reactions, Likes, Shares



LinkedIn is that social media platform that helps you build your brand image online in the B2B community and stay connected with your network. Having a LinkedIn company page provides a powerful opportunity for businesses to share their story, engage with their audience, and explore new targets. To track your performance on Linkedin you can use our Linkedin page reporting software that provides you with key stats of your Linkedin page.

Through a well-maintained business page, you can post valuable content that’s of relevance to your followers. This also opens up the opportunity to generate and nurture professional connections with others in your industry.

Tracking the key metrics from the platform is essential as they provide valuable insights, giving you a clearer picture of what your target audience interacts more with. This way, you can draw better conclusions on how to proceed with your overall marketing strategy, tailor your LinkedIn content in a way that suits your audience’s interests, and optimize your social media management.

By proving that you are worth paying attention to, you will enhance your company’s opportunities to build strong relationships while also attracting potential partnerships that will support the growth of your business.

MarketingReports collects all crucial KPIs in one place, making your reporting easy. You can track the performance of your LinkedIn Company Page within a single dashboard, giving you a detailed overview of:

  • Page Overview
  • Followers
  • New Follower Rate
  • Company Home Page Views
  • Comments
  • Reactions
  • Likes
  • Shares

Page Overview

The Page Overview provides insights of your overall page progression. You can view the number of impressions, reactions and new followers that your page gets in a certain period. Monitor your page performance to identify whether you’re reaching your specified goals with it.


Provides you with information with the total number of follower your page has.

New Follower Rate

The New Follower Rate tracks how much the number of your page followers has increased over a specific time period. The number of new flowers divided by the initial number of followers for that specific period forms the New Follower Rate.

Company Home Page Views

Monitor your Page Views metric over a specific time frame to identify trends and possible engagement within and outside of your network.


The Comments report section provides information on the total number of comments that your content receives over a specific time. 

Reactions, Likes and Shares

Monitoring these metrics helps you understand the engagement traction on your posts so that you know what kind of content works best with your industry and audience.