SEO Reporting Software – Ahrefs

$10.00 / Month

Metrics: Website Overview, Ahrefs Rank, Backlinks, Referring Domains, Domain Rating, Referring Pages, Backlink Profile, Referring IPs


Ahrefs is one of the best known SEO reporting software suites that give you a broader overview of your SEO efforts and helps you understand how your competitors are ranking on the search engines.

It’s an online toolset and offers a wide range of tools, helping you keep track of your and your competitors’ websites. It’s most commonly known as a backlink checker, but it comes with a variety of other services, including keyword research, URLs ranking, and social media optimization.

Using Ahrefs, you can generate millions of keyword ideas and understand which are the best keywords that will bring traffic to your website. You can also gain information on the keywords that your competitor’s use to rank higher in the search results.

Ahrefs gives you a clear picture of your SEO activities. It analyzes your website for common SEO issues, providing you with all the mistakes you might be doing and how you can improve your SEO plan.

As it comes with a wide variety of metrics, it’s essential to keep a clear monitoring of them. With Marketing Reports, all of your Ahrefs SEO data is easily transformed into visualised reports.