A Single Source for All Marketing Analytics Data

Elegantly Presented in Automated Real-Time Reporting Dashboards

As marketers, we know the struggle of managing reporting from so many different sources. The more clients and campaigns you manage, the more time you need to stay on top of spend and performance metrics. Since we so intimately know the challenges (and pain!) of monitoring and analyzing so many data sets, we created MarketingReports.io 

At MarketingReports, our mission is to help marketers track, analyze, and improve performance with automated, turnkey, real-time dashboards.

Pre-built, ready-to-go dashboards

MarketingReports helps you build automated dashboards in one spot and view them on any device. 

Focus on KPIs that matter the most

Whether it’s paid ads, SEO, social media channels, or email performance, MarketingReports has you covered with integrations into all popular platforms. Pay only for the dashboards you are interested in and focus more on core business initiatives. 

View, store, and share marketing metrics

It’s important to share your main marketing insights with stakeholders. All the dashboards created on MarketingReports have shareable links and can be embedded on web pages. Additionally, you can get a Dashboard Reporting Portal to store your dashboards. 

Perfect for SaaS / eCommerce businesses as well as agencies

MarketingReports are perfect for SaaS and eCommerce businesses as well as marketing contractors and agencies. Achieve a 360° view of all your marketing efforts. You can also request several metrics to be adjusted on your dashboard to fit your business needs better. 

Integrates in a snap 

There are plenty of DIY solutions, yet few people have time to create, integrate, and manage their dashboards. MarketingReports integrates with your marketing channels nearly instantly and allows you to start viewing your data in no time. Read more about the process of integration.

Why Marketing Reports?

Unified marketing analytics

Slash time spent pulling data from various sources. Use MarketingReports to autogenerate real-time marketing dashboards that you can view and share. 

All your marketing data in one place

Understand trends and correlations when combining performance metrics from different sources. Get the big picture on how your marketing efforts pay off as expected or not. 

Reporting and projections accessible at any time

Stay on top of spend and performance metrics and know what you need to optimize for. Access your dashboards at any time on any device. 

Up to two years of historical data available

MarketingReports allows you to view up to two years of historical data easily. No need to keep multiple spreadsheets and documents to compare past and present performance metrics.

Easy to use

MarketingReports is a pay-as-you-go solution to the most popular marketing reports, making time to go live extremely fast. The mobile-friendly dashboard charts populated with near real-time data allow you to focus on analyzing the data rather than spending tons of time trying to read it. 

Safe, secure, and affordable

Only pay for the dashboards you need for your marketing analytics. You can get more dashboards later on if you need them. Your data is secure with us. Only you will know your dashboard credentials and see the insights that you track.